UI Weapon Storage 

To provide for the safe and secure storage of firearms belonging to students of the University of Idaho.


It is the desire of the University of Idaho and the Moscow Police Department to make this as accessible as possible. With this in mind, the following procedures will be utilized:

  • All weapons to be checked-in must be brought to the weapons storage facility at the Area Facilities Maintenance Building at 875 Perimeter Drive.
  • Students are encouraged to call 208-882-COPS or use the call box on the exterior of the building to have an officer assist with check-in or check-out. Students may check in or check-out their weapons at anytime.
  • All students checking firearms in or out must have a picture identification and the "Firearms Storage Card" they received when they initially checked their firearms in. If the student has lost the "Firearms Storage Card" they will be given their firearm only if their photo identification signature matches the original signature on the liability form on file. If it is determined that the person is the legal owner of the firearm, they can have the firearm released to them. They must contact an officer to have a new card issued.
  • University of Idaho rules require all firearms to be encased and have a trigger lock attached.
  • Firearms which are not encased and do hot have an attached trigger lock will not be accepted.
  • Loaded firearms will not be accepted.
  • Ammunition cannot be stored at the weapons storage facility, or in the University of Idaho Residence halls.

Any questions should be directed to the Campus Division Commander Captain Berrett at 208-883-7058.