The City of Moscow’s Finance Department has four main areas of responsibility.

Accounting Services

The Finance Department is responsible for the preparation and record keeping of the City’s financial undertakings, including preparation of financial statements and expenditure and revenue reports, plus monitoring of grants revenue and expenditures.

Accounts Payable

The Finance Department is responsible for payment of claims presented to the City regularly for goods and services provided by vendors to City departments.

Accounts Receivable

The Finance Department is responsible for the treasury function of the City, including management of cash flows and investments, plus the billing and collection for City utilities.


The Finance Department is responsible for the payroll function throughout the City, including such activities as the calculation and preparation of employee-related withholdings, preparation of payroll checks, and preparation of federal and state tax reports.

Mission Statement

To recommend sound fiscal policies to the City Council and to provide quality, efficient financial services to the public with pleasant and friendly reception, referral, and public services; promote short and long range goals for the improvement in the delivery of staff and public services; insure adequate staffing levels to meet departmental, public, and outside agency requests; provide training opportunities for enhancing employees’ capabilities to work in an ever changing technical environment.