Clean Wood Waste Pilot Project

The Moscow City Council has approved a Clean Wood Waste Pilot Project to begin October 1, 2014. The project will consist of accepting separated, clean, unpainted and untreated wood and lumber, such as pallets and scrap lumber to be used as compost amendment.


This type of material is currently being landfilled at the inert/demolition landfill. The clean wood waste project will serve as a beneficial use of these wood waste materials. The wood waste will be used in the same manner as the green waste and tree branches are currently being used, becoming amendment for the composting facility. Plywood, wafer board and particle board contain glues and will not be accepted as a part of this project.


The clean wood waste will be processed and chipped using a large tub grinder. Materials containing nails and screws are acceptable and can be processed and removed magnetically. Wood waste accepted for this project shall be required to be free of all other metals and foreign materials that could cause damage to the grinding equipment. The processed wood waste materials are then blended with biosolids, creating a finished compost product which is distributed back to the public free of charge.


Clean wood waste will be accepted at the Latah Sanitation Solid Waste Processing Facility on Highway 8, five miles east of Moscow from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Saturday.