Single Stream Recycling

Moscow is implementing single stream or "no sort" curbside recycling collection on February 1, 2016. The single stream recycling program will add convenience and customer participation resulting in a reduction of waste going to the landfill. Additional types of recycling items can now be accepted at the curb as a result of the single stream method of collection. See the Single Stream Acceptable Items (PDF) for details on what is accepted. Residents may choose either a 65 or 95 gallon recycling roll cart. It is as simple as placing all acceptable recycling items into your recycling roll cart and wheeling it to the curb on collection day. 

Recycling will be collected biweekly (on the same day of the week as scheduled garbage collection) with single family customers collected on one week and apartment complexes and Good Samaritan Society duplexes collected on alternating weeks (PDF). Single stream curbside recycling program costs are included in the refuse rates whether one chooses to participate or not. Participation in the single stream curbside recycling program is easy and may potentially result in downsizing of current solid waste service levels, resulting in savings on monthly refuse bills.

The following video explains changes made to Moscow’s recycling program in late 2018, and this Washington Department of Ecology document (PDF) details the reasons behind these changes.

Plastic Film Recycling

Moscow Recycling Center is now collecting plastic film (PDF) on the first Saturday of each month from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. The plastic film will be sent to the TREX Decking Co. where it will be recycled into new composite decking products. Types of plastic film accepted include plastic shopping and grocery bags, bread bags, food storage & zip lock type bags, ice bags, pellet bags, product overwrap, newspaper sleeves, bubble wrap & air pillows and other plastic film marked with the #2 or #4 recycle symbols. Not all plastic film is marked with a recycling symbol. A good rule of thumb is acceptable plastic films must be stretchable and pliable. Rigid, stiff or crinkly sounding plastic film is not accepted.