Sanitation Rates

Fiscal Year 2024 (October 1, 2023 - September 30, 2024

Residential Roll Carts

  • 35 gallon = $22.14 per month
  • 65 gallon = $28.43 per month
  • 95 gallon = $34.78 per month
  • On Demand-Base Fee = $16.74 per month
  • On Demand-Per Service = $2.10 per month

Commercial Roll Carts

  • 35 gallon = $19.74 per month
  • 65 gallon = $29.61 per month
  • 95 gallon = $39.40 per month

Roll Cart Misc Rates

  • Size Exchange = $20.07 each (after the initial 30-day period)
  • Replacement = $62.79 each (lost, stolen, damaged from abuse)
  • Return Service (blocked, not out on time, not able to be serviced, etc.)
    • First Occurrence = Free per calendar year
    • Second Occurrence = $14.97 per calendar year
    • Third/Following Occurrences = $29.90 per calendar year

Dumpster/Mechanical Container Monthly Rates

Mechanical Container Locking Mechanism = $3 per month. Rates include tax, rental, and volume per month.
Rental Tax
1x week
2x week
3x week
4x week
5x week
1 yard
$15.35 $0.92
2 yard
$17.50 $1.05
3 yard
$32.30 $1.94
4 yard
$37.46 $2.25
6 yard
$49.00 $2.94
8 yard
$60.86 $3.65

NEW for Commercial Dumpster Customers! :  Automatic Return Service

Do you find that your dumpster has been blocked and your garbage service is missed periodically? By the time you notice this, extra garbage has likely already begun to overflow your dumpster. This can be frustrating to the customer as well as the City of Moscow’s franchised hauler, Inland North Waste. The City of Moscow and Inland North Waste is now offering Automatic Return Service. As a commercial dumpster customer in the City of Moscow, you can now request this service. Once a commercial dumpster customer has requested the automatic return service, when Inland North Waste encounters a blocked dumpster, the driver initiates an automatic return service either later the same day of normal service or the very next day. This service eliminates the need for the customer to call in a return service once they have realized that their scheduled service has been missed. The current rate for a return service is $39.23 per service. By requesting the automatic return service, the customer may be able to avoid extra garbage fees that would not normally occur had the dumpster not been blocked and been serviced as scheduled. If you are interested in requesting this service, please contact the City of Moscow Sanitation Department at 208-883-7131 or Inland North Waste at 208-882-5724.

Over Service Rates

  • Penalty exceeding service level = $6.60 per bag, can or equivalent
  • Loose Yardage = $34.58 per yard
  • Extra Mechanical Container scheduled service = $39.23 per dump plus tipping fees
  • Extra Mechanical Container scheduled service yardage = $16.95 per cubic yard

Multi-family Recycling Options and Fees

Recycling base fees for multi-family units are mandatory and either Options 1 and/or 3 must be included in any combination chosen.  The City of Moscow continues to explore other options, such as 200-gallon and 300-gallon tote containers, to accommodate multi-family recycling.

If you wish to change your current multi-family recycling base fee option, contact the City of Moscow Utility Billing Department at 208-883-7043.  For all other questions, please contact Tim Davis, City of Moscow Sanitation Manager, at 208-883-7131.

Option 1 (default option): Bi-weekly Curbside Collection

The rate for this option is $5.50 per unit per month.  This rate includes Recycling Center services (processing, electronic waste, yard waste, used oil, etc.)

Option 2: Cardboard Dumpster Collection

This dumpster option may be a better alternative to the roll cart option in many instances where parking and space are very limited.  This alternative may also provide easier collection vehicle access.  This option is contracted directly with Inland North WAste (208-882-5724) and rates for this option are as follows:

Dumpster Size
1x weekly
2x weekly
1 yd$64.95$129.90
2 yd$84.44$168.88
3 yd$103.92$207.84
4 yd$123.40$246.80
6 yd$162.38$324.76

Option 3: Recycling Center Services Only

The rate for this option is $1.50 per unit per month.