The Mayor is the superintending and administrative officer of the City. When authorized by the Council, the Mayor signs officially for and on behalf of the City on all contracts, including all deeds, bonds, bills, notes, obligations and other agreements to which the City is a party, and may borrow money on the credit of the City.


  • The Mayor has the power to veto or sign any ordinance or resolution passed by the Council, provided that any ordinance or resolution vetoed by the Mayor may be passed over the veto by a vote of one-half plus one of the members of the full Council.
  • The Mayor has the power to require a report from any City officer, and to report to the Council on any subject pertaining to the Office of the Mayor.


The Mayor has jurisdiction over all places within five miles of the corporate limits of the City for the enforcement of any health or quarantine ordinance, and has jurisdiction in all matters except taxation within one mile of the corporate limits.

Term Limit

The Mayor is nominated and elected in accordance with the laws of the City of Moscow and the State of Idaho. The term of the office is four years.

State of the City

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