Snow Removal & Winter Weather

City Streets

After snowfall events, major streets and arterials are plowed first and then repeatedly depending on the rate of the snow fall, followed by the lesser traveled residential areas. The Moscow Pullman Highway, Highway 8 and Highway 95 are State roads and snow removal on these routes is performed jointly by the City of Moscow and the Idaho Transportation Department.

The City's street crews work on staggered shifts during the late fall and winter each year. If the storm is significant enough to warrant continued or additional operations the crews work extended hours regardless of time or day of the week. If a series of storms occur additional staffing is added from other divisions of the Public Works Department to ensure round-the-clock operation of all snow removal equipment. For weekend and off-hours events snow removal operations are activated based on the road conditions and the severity of the storm events.

It generally takes approximately 36 hours for the City's snow removal equipment operating 24 hours a day, to make one pass on all City streets, which makes it challenging to keep up with continuous snowfall events. During heavy snowfall events residents are asked to park off the street to allow plows to clear as much of the roadway as possible.


For more information please contact the Streets Department at 208-883-7097.

If residents have a concern regarding a street that has not been plowed, please call 208-882-COPS.


City Sidewalk Maintenance

Citizen Sidewalk Maintenance Under a Moscow City ordinance, it is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner to keep sidewalks clear of snow and debris.

Moscow City Code - Title 5 Public Ways and Property.

Sec. 9-3 Owner to Remove - It shall be the duty of every owner of any land, building, or lot within the City to remove snow and/or ice from adjacent sidewalks to permit the safe pedestrian passage upon said sidewalks bordering said property and to abate the nuisance set forth in this Chapter. This duty applies to natural snowfall; it does not extend to snow displaced onto sidewalks by City snowplows after an owner has removed natural snowfall.


For more information please contact the Public Works Department at 208-883-7097.

To report a sidewalk in need of snow removal please contact the Moscow Police Department at 208-882-COPS.

Moscow City Snow Plowing Ordinances - 2009 (adopted)

Sidewalk Snow Removal Complaints

To report a sidewalk in need of snow removal please contact the Moscow Police Department at 208-882-COPS or send an email.


From November 2009 - Water-Snow Matters Newsletter (PDF)

Keep Fire Hydrants Cleared

Citizens are requested to be observant of fire hydrant locations to ensure that emergency access to those hydrants is maintained. Hydrants on dead end streets and near parking lots are especially susceptible to being blocked. The Water and Fire Departments request that a two to three foot circle around the hydrants be left clear of significant snow accumulations to provide clear emergency access.


If residents are unable to clear a hydrant or wish to report a blocked hydrant, please call the Moscow Water Division at 208-882-3122.

Snow on Buildings & Roofs

Winter snows, freezing rain, intermittent snow melts, and more snow can all cause building owners a great deal of frustration. Given that the weight of snow increases as rain adds to the density of the snow, building owners need to pay attention to the simple things: make sure the roof drains and scuppers on commercial buildings are clear and working properly. Snow build-up needs to be removed, especially on older buildings that may not be constructed to the current code-required loads.

Homeowners as well need to be aware of build-up of snow and ice on their roofs. Use of snow rakes whenever possible, rather than climbing onto the roof, is a good way to deal with drifted snow on the roof. Be sure to stand off to one side of the area being cleared to avoid the falling snow. Icicles on the eaves may be an indication of ice-damming on the roof. Ice damming occurs when snow melts above the heated portion of a structure and resulting water runs down to the unheated eaves and refreezes to form a thick layer of ice. This ice dam can then cause snow melt water to backup under shingles or other roofing materials causing roof leaks. Every effort should be made to clear the ice on the edges of the roof so that water damage does not occur. Snow and ice removal are low-cost methods to prevent damage to the structure of your homes and buildings.

Please contact the Community Development Department for more information at 208-883-7022.

Branches & Downed Power Lines

Beware of snow buildup and the effect of wind on trees and branches. Heavier snows and winds may blow branches down creating safety issues for citizens and on roads.

If trees or branches blow into power lines call 911 for immediate assistance.


For non-emergency power issues, please call Avista Utilities at 800-227-9187.

For branches in public roadways, please call the City of Moscow Streets Department at 208-883-7097.

Avoid Frozen Pipes

Leave cabinet doors under sinks open, especially if they are located on exterior walls. Set thermostats no lower than 55 degrees, even if the house is unoccupied.

Do not remove snow from the tops of water meter boxes unless it creates a safety hazard. An accumulation of snow will help insulate the water meter and prevent freezing. Do not open water meter boxes as this will allow any natural heat to escape and may contribute to freezing of the water system.

If your pipes do freeze, the best way to defrost those pipes is to use a hair dryer, or call a plumber. If the system is frozen at the meter box or emergency water shutoff is needed, call the Moscow Water Department at 208-882-3122.