Sidewalk Program

The Importance of Sidewalks

A functional sidewalk network links neighborhoods, adds value to homes, and serves to encourage the most basic form of transportation. The objective of the City of Moscow Sidewalk System Management Plan is to improve and maintain accessible pedestrian routes for all members of our community.

How the City Can Help

In an effort to assist property owners to maintain this important part of our infrastructure, the City of Moscow has created a Property Owner Assistance Program which will provide a simple process for owners to have their walks evaluated and repaired.

Participating in this City-wide program will allow homeowners and businesses to take advantage of the same unit pricing that the City receives under our large volume annual sidewalk construction contract.

To take advantage of this program, please contact the City of Moscow Engineering Department at 208-883-7034 or complete the Request a Sidewalk Evaluation form.

Sidewalk Issues That Should Be Corrected

  • Cracking occurs as the sidewalk material expands and contracts, cracks are formed.
  • Faulting is a change in elevations across a crack or section of sidewalk that can become a tripping hazard.
  • Missing sections of walk where sidewalk construction has not occurred.
  • Spalling is caused by water seeping below the surface of the concrete, becoming trapped underneath. As this water freezes, it expands, pushing upwards on the surface of the concrete damaging the surface.


The City will:

  • Extend annual City contract pricing to residents
  • Evaluate walks
  • Determine cost to resident
  • Coordinate and schedule work with contractor
  • Waive permit fees
  • Provide traffic control
  • Inspect the installation
  • Provide two-year warranty on work

The property owner needs to: