Water Conservation

Why Conservation?

The City of Moscow relies on underground aquifers for our potable water supply. When first settled, artesian wells would supply up to 3 million gallons per day, but began declining soon after.  In 1967, the City of Moscow, along with other area pumping entities, collaborated to address concerns over our declining groundwater levels.  Together, they developed the 1992 Groundwater Management Plan that included commitments from all entities to limit pumping and encourage water conservation practices among citizens.

Conservation Water Rates

To encourage water conservation, the City adopted a tiered rate structure for residential water services.  All customers are required to pay a base rate for their water service and are then charged a consumption rate based on the volume of water used.  Customers who use less water are rewarded with a lower rate for their consumption.  If a customer uses more water, the consumption charge increases as it moves up the tiers.  Water is metered and appears on the water bill in cubic feet (cf).  Water consumption rates are per centum cubic feet (ccf) which is equal to 100 cf.

FY 2023 Tiered Water Rates

Conservation Programs

The City of Moscow offers several programs to assist customers in reaching their water conservation goals.  We offer conservation devices, rebates, and irrigation audits.  For more information please visit our Conservation Programs page