Water Quality Reports

The City of Moscow, as a regulated Public Drinking Water System, is required to provide a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) to its customers annually.  The water we supply is tested regularly to ensure compliance with state and federal safe drinking water regulations.

Protecting our Water System

To comply with State of Idaho regulations and to protect our water system from contamination, the Water Department has developed a Cross-Connection Control Program (CCCP).  For more information on the CCCP, visit our Cross Connection Control page.

Brewer's Information

Creating great beer requires great water!  Beer brewing is both an art and a science so it is critical to understand the chemical properties of the water used in the brewing process.  With this in mind, here are some common water quality characteristics, unique to Moscow's water sources, which brewers ask us about and evaluate before making a new batch.

Water Quality
Average Value in 
Moscow's Water
27.5 mg/l
Sodium30.7 mg/l
Magnesium10.1 mg/l
Hardness (as CaCO3)110.4 mg/l
Hardness (grains per gallon)
pH (SU)7.2
23.3 mg/l
4.2 mg/l