Water Quality Reports

Backflow regulations are necessary to help prevent contaminates from entering the public water supply through what is known as backflow. Backflow is defined as, “the flow, other than the intended direction of flow of any foreign liquids, gases, or substances into the distribution system of a public water supply.” An approved backflow prevention assembly, certified by the State of Idaho, is designed to properly prevent backflow.

Irrigation Systems

New irrigation systems have been required to install approved backflow prevention assemblies since the early 1990s. Last year, the water department began implementing a comprehensive program to bring all irrigation systems that are not already or improperly protected with a backflow prevention assembly into compliance with the Idaho Rules for Public Drinking Water Systems and Moscow City Code. All irrigation systems, existing or new, must be equipped with an approved backflow prevention assembly and must be inspected and tested annually by a State of Idaho licensed backflow assembly tester. This program will take approximately 24 months to complete.

Street Side Survey

A street side survey has initiated to locate systems that have inadequate or non-existent backflow protection. A notice requiring corrections to bring these systems into compliance will be sent to the owner(s) of record. A plumbing permit is required before work can begin and must be purchased at the Building Department.

The protection of Moscow’s water supply is of critical importance to both the City of Moscow and its citizens; your cooperation will be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions about your irrigation system, or if you know that your irrigation system is not protected and would like a list of licensed testers who can install the appropriate assembly, please contact Kyle Steele or call 208-882-3122. If you receive a notice requiring the installation of a backflow prevention assembly and you believe your irrigation system has approved backflow protection or that the notice has been sent in error, please contact me by phone or email as listed above.