Economic Development

Moscow offers an extraordinary blend of setting, infrastructure, institutions, amenities, lifestyle and culture. Whether relocating, expanding or forging new opportunities, Moscow is a great place to do business. Located in the heart of the Palouse, and within an 80-minute drive of metropolitan Spokane, WA, Moscow offers everything you need for establishing or growing your business success.

Property & Taxes

Affordable land costs and lease rates, as well as large blocks of developable property, provide unique development and business opportunities. With no local business and occupation tax, businesses keep more earnings. The City's streamlined permitting process and low mitigation and permit fees help speed development, lower costs, ensure predictability, and reduce risk.


Moscow draws an exceptionally talented and extremely well educated workforce from the University of Idaho and Washington State University. In fact, the percentage (53.6%) of individuals within the Moscow community who have completed four or more years of college is nearly twice the national average of 27.4%.

Whether your business is new or established, we are dedicated to giving your business the support it needs and deserves in order to thrive. Clearly, we understand that your success is our success.