Grind & Inlay - 2017

Project Overview

One of the tools available to the Pavement Preservation Program is the Grind and Inlay. Grind and Inlay is a technique where the top layer of the pavement is milled into small pieces and removed from the roadway. A layer of geotextile fabric is coated with asphalt tack oil and placed on the milled surface. A new asphalt road surface is then installed over the previously milled surface resulting in a well-sealed, smooth surface which matches the previous road surface. This option is only available where the road base is in good condition but provides a smooth roadway surface for a significantly lower cost than a complete rebuild.

In an effort to ensure that City of Moscow roadways have the longest possible lifespan, periodic maintenance or preservation projects must be carried out. In 2017 the City will be using a Grind and Inlay treatment for Third Street, from Washington Street to Polk Street, Joseph Street from Mountain View Road to Meadow Street, and 'A' Street from Home Street to Lieuallen Street.


Motley-Motley, Inc. was selected as the low bidder for the Third Street Grind and Inlay project. Due to the large amount of road construction that is currently taking place in the City, the project timelines have been adjusted with Joseph Street and Third Street grind and inlay projects to take place between August 8th and 17th. The 'A' Street project will be postponed until after paving has completed on the Pullman Highway as to not worsen the current traffic situation.

Construction Updates - September 8, 2017

Joseph Street

Asphalt milling and paving has been completed on Joseph Street in front of the Joseph Street Community Playfields.

Third Street

Third Street where you can see the new striping for the bike lane and door zone buffer to protect bicyclists and parked cars.

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'A' Street

The 'A' Street Grind and Inlay project began on 9/8 with Motley-Motley Inc. lowering the sewer manholes in the roadway to allow the milling machine to complete their work. The construction is anticipated to take place during the week of September 11th. During construction public parking on 'A' Street will be removed and the road will be closed. Detours will be provided to route traffic around the area for the safety of drivers, pedestrians, and the work crews. Thank you for your patience during the work window. View the 'A' Street Detour Route.

A Street Detour Route


  • Grind and Inlay - An application which begins with grinding off the top layer of asphalt from an existing road. A layer of paving fabric is then adhered to the old road surface with emulsified asphalt surface and an entirely new paving course is placed on top.
  • Paving Fabric - An asphalt coated layer of fabric, which will serve to create a moisture barrier between the old and new layers. This fabric will also help the road surface maintain its flexibility, reducing the chance that any cracking in the bottom layer will be passed through to the top.