Southwest Sewer Trunk Line Phase V

In order to expand the capacity of the City of Moscow Sanitary Sewer system the City will be installing approximately 1,400 feet of 36 inch sewer line from the intersection of Sixth Street and Deakin Street to the north side of College Street West of Jackson Street. This will include the replacement of a section of 24 inch sewer line which is insufficient to meet the growing waste disposal needs of the Moscow community. Phase V will connect to the previously installed 36 inch line that extends from the Wastewater Treatment Plant to the North side of Sixth Street. In addition to the portion of the project between Sixth Street and College Street a small section of pipe will be installed on the Troy Highway between Veatch Street and Adams Street. This project will complete the trunk line expansion, ensuring that the sewer infrastructure will be sufficient to meet the growing needs of both the City of Moscow and The University of Idaho.


The contract has been awarded to Titan Technologies, Inc. of Boise, Idaho. Work on the project began Wednesday, May 24th and is anticipated to be complete to the end of August. The portion of the construction taking place on Sixth Street is anticipated to be complete late August with the entire project finishing up early September.

Construction Updates - September 4, 2017

Titan Technologies, Inc. has completed the Sixth Street portion of the work and has repaved the University of Idaho Human Resources department parking lot and the pathway next to Paradise Creek. Once the weather cools down slightly the trees will be planted and the dirt areas will be hydro-seeded. Here you can see the Sixth Street corridor and the newly paved pathway.

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Happening right along side the roadway preparation the landscaping company is preparing to place the brick pavers which will serve as an accent between the sidewalk and the curb. Once this is complete it will be a significant improvement to the previous Sixth Street pedestrian corridor.


  • Sanitary Sewer - The piping system that conveys sewage to the Wastewater Treatment Plant where it will undergo biological treatment to remove the contaminants before being discharged. This distinguishes it from the Storm Sewer system which only conveys rainwater runoff and does not require treatment.
  • Sewage or Wastewater - This is the "used" water that contains human wastes from toilets and water from other sources such as sinks, showers, washing machines, dishwashers, etc. Industrial and commercial wastes are also considered sewage or wastewater.
  • Trunk Line - The main carrier pipe where the wastewater for the entire area is collected and transported to the Wastewater Treatment Plant.