Current Initiatives

Sustainability Strategic Plan

The commission is working with the city on a strategic plan for improvements to city buildings that will save energy and thus operating dollars for the city.
Use of weed control chemicals in Moscow

The commission is reviewing the use of lawn control chemicals in city parks, as well as on the grounds of the Moscow School District and the University of Idaho.

Solid Waste Management

The commission is reviewing plans for implementation of a new solid waste collection program by the city and is also reviewing plans for possible expansion of the city's recycling capabilities.

Healthy Schools Initiative

We received a report from a new commission member about Wisconsin Green and Healthy Schools Program and discussed how we might explore implementing a similar program in Moscow. Follow up contacts are being made with local environmental education groups and school personnel.

Safety of Emissions From Smartmeters

The commission will be exploring the concerns around the electromagnetic fields emission from the use of wireless smart meters and will gather more information from providers such as Avista and Clearwater Power, as well as from groups that have been researching this issue.