Recent Accomplishments

E-Waste Recycling

We reviewed the City's e-waste recycling program and then requested that our e-waste vendor be contacted to ensure that Moscow's e-waste is being disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

Recycling at Events Held in or on City Property

We recommended modification of the contract language for use of City facilities and parks to include a requirement that renters for all events of over 50 people provide recycling containers for the event. The City approved our recommendation and SEC worked with Moscow Recycling and Parks and Recreation to implement this change.

Solid Waste Management

We reviewed the City's proposed "Strategic Plan for Waste Management" and endorsed the plan, aspects of which are now being implemented.

Bikes for City Employees

SEC composed and recommended to City Council the establishment of a used bicycle pool for City employees. Council approved the idea and Commission members then assisted with implementation of the program by the City.

City Compost Contamination Issue

SEC reviewed the problem with clopyralid contamination of the free compost offered by the City and the planned publicity materials for publicizing the program. We recommended that the compost be offered for “nongarden” use only, which it was.

Megaload Hearing

SEC held a public meeting to gather citizen input on the travel of Megaloads through Moscow. We then asked City Council to rescind their original opinion on this issue and ask ITD for more information on planned shipments and safety/compensation issues.

Earth Day Awards

The Commission reviewed nominations and made recommendation to the Mayor for her annual Earth Day awards.

Active Living Task Force

Members of the Commission participated in a national count of pedestrians and bike riders conducted by the task force and also reviewed, made recommendations and took part in leading bike riders on a ride of two proposed bicycle "greenways" in the city. The Commission then formally endorsed a proposal for the City to designate and establish a pilot neighborhood greenway in the summer of 2012.