2017 TIGER Grant Application

The City of Moscow has applied for a TIGER Discretionary Grant for the East Moscow Multimodal Infrastructure Partnership (EMMIP). The EMMIP is a significant initiative exhibiting the importance of establishing livable communities through partnerships and collaboration in securing strategic infrastructure investments resulting in safe ADA accessible complete streets, providing connectivity, enhanced mobility options and expanded public transportation services. The EMMIP planning area encompasses all of Mountain View Road, a north/south minor arterial, from State Highway 8 north to the city limits and the area of city impact in the eastern region of Moscow, Latah County, Idaho. Planned transportation improvements in this section of Moscow are focused on improving safety with an emphasis on intersections and creating multimodal access to accommodate all users.

Mountain View Road Deteriorated Pavement
Mountain View Road Looking West
Mountain View Road Looking North

The Mountain View Corridor (Corridor) includes projects to install and/or improve vehicular transportation, a multimodal bridge system, transit systems, bicycle networks, pedestrian facilities, and access to recreational facilities. The intent of these projects is to focus on safety for all modes of transportation and to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the overall network including the Corridor and its connections to the remainder of the City and state highway systems.

One element of these projects has been preparation for and the implementation of multimodal transportation improvements surrounding Moscow schools to serve all Moscow School District (District) students who use the year-round indoor and outdoor recreational facilities located in the Corridor.  Mountain View Road from ‘F’ Street to Sixth Street also serves as a public transportation hub for fixed-route transit services. Therefore, improvements to that hub are also focused on enhanced transit operations and bicycle/pedestrian movement to serve the entire transit system. The completed and proposed roadway improvements are projects that provide increased multimodal capacity and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility to accommodate current usage and encourage infill and outward growth. The total overall length of the Corridor is approximately 1.54 miles and many sections are currently not ADA accessible and do not have sidewalk or pathway system for safe pedestrian travel.

Mountain View Road is a main connector route for east-west and north-south travel to residential neighborhoods which include apartments with low-income housing, retirement/senior and assisting living communities, a long-term care facility, affordable housing including townhomes and condominium developments, schools (public/private), daycares, indoor/outdoor recreation centers, churches, shopping, restaurants, and medical services.  A majority of the land throughout the Corridor has been developed and connects to several other local destinations used daily by many Moscow and Latah County rural residents.  The Corridor is also designated as a seasonal farm-haul route used to transport fresh foods, especially fruits and vegetables, during market season, from April through October, to the Moscow Farmers Market.  The Moscow School District is one of five pilot schools for the Farm to School Program in Idaho. This program, funded by the USDA, promotes the use of local and regional foods in school meals.

As one of the most heavily traveled routes in Moscow, it is of utmost importance to improve safety and multimodal access through infrastructure improvements on Mountain View Road because of the diversity of uses along the Corridor. Upgrading road features to meet urban standards would provide a safe route to accommodate continuously increasing demand for all modes of transportation.  The City has developed a concept to transform Mountain View Road into a complete street corridor that will be designed and operated to enable access for all users.  When the project is finished, pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists of all ages and abilities will be able to safely maneuver throughout the Corridor.