How to be a Vendor

Congratulations on taking the first step to joining the Moscow Farmers Market! Whether this is your first time with a new venture, you have an established business to introduce or you’re simply seeking a unique, social opportunity to engage with the community, we are here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions, please contact

The paragraphs below describe the process of becoming a new vendor, and the Vendor Handbook includes details about market policies. Our most basic requirements are that you are the grower / producer and your operation is within 200 air miles of the City of Moscow, Idaho. People who wish to sell at the market must qualify in at least one vending category as defined by the Vendor Handbook. 

Agricultural Vendors


Agricultural vendors include fresh produce and nursery vendors, meat or poultry vendors, apiarist vendors, and forager vendors. Certain value-added vendors (jams, ciders, salsas, wine, cheeses, etc) may also be considered agricultural vendors if the majority of their ingredients are grown on the producer's farm, ranch, or garden, and are subsequently processed by the grower.

How to Apply

First, send a message to to schedule a brief interview with the Market manager to discuss whether you meet the basic requirements to be an agricultural vendor. Management will then provide you with a registration packet and instructions for registering online. If an agricultural vendor plans to sell any non-agricultural products, they will need to be approved through the jury process (see Appendix 6 in the Vendor Handbook).

Non-Agricultural Vendors


Prepared food vendors include processed foods (jams, ciders, salsas, wine, cheeses, etc) with ingredients not grown or raised by the producer, and ready to eat foods that are served on Market day with the intent of immediate consumption.

Craft and/or artisan vendors sell original products that are hand-crafted and designed by the vendor, including fine arts, heritage arts, and decorative arts. 

Please see the Vendor Handbook for more information on which non-agricultural products can be sold at the Farmers Market.

How to Apply

The Market hosts three juries each year to give members of the community the opportunity to evaluate potential vendors. All non-agricultural products need to be approved through the jury process, and the Vendor Handbook has information on how vendors are evaluated. 

Interested parties are required to fill out the Jury Reservation Form, which will be available in early 2019. Submit completed forms to by 5:00 p.m. the Friday prior to the Jury date. 

2019 Jury dates will be announced in January.

If you are approved by the jury, management will provide you with a registration packet and instructions for registering for the Market online.

If you are not approved, results will be returned to you with feedback from the evaluators. Most applicants are encouraged to make improvements and try again at the next jury.

Youth Vendors

The Market encourages and supports early entrepreneurial interest of farming, gardening, crafts, and food preparation. The general rules of the market apply to the Youth Market. Please see the Vendor Handbook for more information on Market policies.

To participate as a Youth Vendor, please fill out the Youth Vendor Application (PDF) and turn it in to the Farmers Market office in Moscow City Hall.

Performance Vendors (Buskers)

We offer several spaces throughout the market for buskers and street performers. Entertainers are welcome to seek tips or donations, and space can be reserved at the City Tent on market days. To become a performance vendor, fill out a Busking Registration Form (PDF), a Release & Hold Harmless, and a self-copying ST-124 tax form at Farmers Market office in City Hall.

Becoming a performance vendor is a separate process from market's Friendship Square concert series. To apply to be a scheduled performer, please read and fill out this online application.