Information Tabling

The Moscow Farmers Market provides space each Saturday in Friendship Square for people to participate in free-speech activities that meet U.S. Constitutional standards. These include the presentation of various messages, ideas, philosophies, and opportunities by various members of our community. Anyone is able to use the designated speakers space provided you follow the Friendship Square Policy (PDF). Please see this FAQ (PDF) for more details on using the speakers space for information tabling.

The City of Moscow has used Friendship Square for a variety of activities (pedestrian access, the playground, live entertainment, emergency vehicle access, and community events), and we are hopeful that all who use Friendship Square and the speaker space will cooperate with one another. The City does not reserve, regulate, or otherwise monitor the use of space, but the City will directly involve itself when there is a public nuisance (such as obstructing public access) or disturbing the peace.

Friendship Square Policy (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)