Irrigation SEASON and Variance Application


When is Irrigation Season?

Pursuant to City Code Title 5, Chapter 17-5, establishing an outdoor irrigation season, Deputy City Supervisor-Public Works and Services, Tyler Palmer, will consult with appropriate staff, and research temperature, and precipitation information to determine the start date each season.

The 2023 season will end on September 30, 2023.

Note: Watering of impervious surfaces is prohibited at all times.

What is Irrigation Season?

In 2007, a new Water Conservation Ordinance was accepted by the City Council. The first conservation ordinance was established by the City in 2004. That ordinance has since evolved into the 2007 ordinance, with two major amendments:

  1. Declared Outdoor Season: The allowed dates of the Outdoor Irrigation Season will vary each year and will be dependent on the current year’s climate. Visit this website each year to find out during which months you are allowed to irrigate. Outdoor irrigation shall be prohibited at all times not within the declared Outdoor Irrigation Season.

    For new landscaping, apply for a variance with the Water Department: Water Conservation Variance Application

  2. Prohibits the Watering of Impervious Surfaces: Examples of impervious surfaces include gravel, asphalt, concrete, brick, or a combination thereof. Make sure your sprinkler heads are not spraying into the sidewalk or street. For help with getting your system running efficiently, take a look at the Water Waste Resolution.

Please refer to this chart to help clarify when you can and cannot water:IrrigationChart2019

The City offers a variety of hardware and tips to help you with your efficient landscape goals.

For the Moscow Resident

We are here to help you! The City of Moscow offers free outdoor water-saving devices for Moscow residents. Please see what we have to offer on the Giveaway Program web page. The City has a Wisescape program to help individuals make an effort to improve the efficiency of their landscape. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

For the Irrigation Professional

Please inform your clients to have their automatic irrigation controllers on during the declared Outdoor Irrigation Season only. Please continue business as usual in regard to installing, turning on the valves, testing, and maintaining, etc., your client’s automatic irrigation system.