Sanitation Master Plan

This next step in the City’s long-term planning efforts began in March of 2018.  Tasks for development of the plan focused on evaluation of sanitation system infrastructure and programs including; recycling program review including program evaluation and information on considerations for relocating the Moscow Recycling Center; a capital improvement plan for relocation of the Recycling Center including yard-waste drop off facilities; and a feasibility study of develop a material recovery facility to process recyclables in Moscow.

As with other plans the City has developed, a steering committee was developed to provide perspective on the planning process from many facets of the community. Additionally, the City conducted a three-phased survey approach.  This process included a mailed written survey, designed to be statistically valid and representative of all citizens of Moscow.  Following the written survey, three opportunities were provided for citizen engagement through focus groups.  These groups provided an opportunity for additional information gathering and for citizens to share thoughts, ideas, and concerns that hadn’t been captured in the written survey process.  Finally, an intercept survey was conducted at the Moscow Recycling Center, that for a variety of technical reasons including safety and operational capacity is scheduled to be relocated in the near future.  GreatWest Engineering is the consultant who conducted the additional evaluation and research required and has provided recommendations based on their findings and the City’s survey work in development of the Comprehensive Sanitation Master Plan Draft. This is the document being presented on October 3 for public input.

The City of Moscow is hosting a community open house to provide an opportunity for feedback on the recently developed Comprehensive Sanitation Master Plan Draft on October 3, 2018 at 6 p.m. in City Hall Council Chambers.  This open house is free and open to the public.  An overview of the findings of the Plan will be highlighted and an opportunity for community feedback will be provided.  Feedback will be included into the final draft of the Plan as appropriate prior to presentation to the City Council at a workshop scheduled for October 29th.

For more information on the Comprehensive Sanitation Master Plan Draft, please contact Tim Davis, Sanitation Manager at 208-883-7131.