The proposed project

There are three pieces to the total project, which together will provide a modern and efficient police services facility and will address office space needs for other City Departments.

New Police StationPolice Facility Concept Drawings Front Door

Since the 1990s, the current Police Department building has been remodeled numerous times to meet the required increases in services and staff required of modern policing facility. At 9,600 square feet, the facility is undersized. The location is on a dead end street and accessible only by one way streets. The ability to provide police services in the facility given these and other limitations is challenging.

The first and most important feature of the project is the development of a new police facility to be constructed on the property north of Papé Machinery and west of the Grove Apartments at the intersection of Southview Avenue and South Main Street. Access to and from the site provides for good emergency response for all of Moscow, including the University of Idaho campus. The facility would be constructed to meet the needs of a modern police facility now and for many years into the future addressing all of the concerns identified and providing a better resource for the citizens of Moscow.

4th & Washington RemodelOld Police Station

Once the new facility is completed, the current facility at 4th & Washington would be repaired and re-purposed for offices for the Community Development and Engineering Departments, vacating the Paul Mann Building located at 2nd & Jefferson Streets. The bones of the 4th and Jackson facility are good.  The space and location provide for excellent office space for non-emergency services.  The Engineering and Community Development Department offices, currently located in the Paul Mann Building have been recognized as deficient in terms of space and functional elements, so much so that in 2018 the City leased additional office space to accommodate the pressing need for current staff.  Needed repairs to this facility include roofing and HVAC systems, and general interior remodeling to provide for the needed office space.

Paul Mann BuildingPaul Mann Building

Once the Paul Mann building is vacated and needed repairs made, the space would be used by the Information Systems Department, which was relocated to the Eggan Youth Center, due to the need for additional space. That temporary office space would then be returned to uses for youth programming.  The Mann Building has experienced significant cracking of the masonry block exterior and the flat roof is nearing the end of its service life.  Cost estimates were prepared to install new siding and roofing systems to the building to prohibit further deterioration and maximize the building’s serviceable life.  This renovated space would also provide for storage of public records, currently housed in the City Hall basement, which is over capacity and floods annually.