Voices of Moscow


We aim to gather a substantial number of responses to our distributed "Voices of Moscow" survey. These responses will be used by the Human Rights Commission to identify issues facing Moscow that local residents find prominent and necessary to respond to. Additionally, responses will be compiled to create an interactive art exhibit for the City of Moscow during Fall 2019.


The Voices of Moscow is a community-wide project led by student Defne Yuksel. Surveys and boxes for the project have been distributed to a variety of local businesses, the University of Idaho, City Hall, and more for residents of Moscow and surrounding regions to respond to. Similar to projects such as "Stories of Our City" and "Humans of New York", The Voices of Moscow aims to reach a large audience of Moscow residents to identify the human rights related issues currently facing our community.  


The Voices of Moscow was created with the intention of highlighting the lives of people on the Palouse and what the local community wants done to improve the city of Moscow.

Moscow has many resources for our citizens to engage with local, state, and national movements such as "March for our Lives", pride rallies, and Women’s March, and National School Walkout. However, many locals do not wish to, or are unable to attend, such events organized in the town. This is especially recognizable in the nature of students who are uninterested in political events and opportunities to engage with their community on a greater level. Initially, The Voices of Moscow was intended to target a student audience and gather their impressions on improvement of educational resources and community development. Now though, the project looks to gather information regarding underrepresented and misrepresented areas/groups of Moscow. We aim to display the thoughts of people on the Palouse regarding what they value about their community, the issues they feel face it, and what measures can be taken to improve quality of life. Moscow is not a collection of people with equal opportunities regarding education, financial resources, and more, and this project aims to increase awareness of the fact that we as a community have room to grow in many areas, including that of human rights.

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