Plan Your Visit

Thank you for choosing to visit our beloved Moscow Farmers Market. Here are a few tips to make your trip to the Market the best ever!


Conveniently located downtown, the Moscow Farmers Market is accessible via walking, biking, public transit, and driving. To get the full downtown experience, and reduce vehicle congestion, we encourage leaving your car at home when possible.


Did you know there are 48 public bicycle racks downtown? Together these bike racks can accommodate hundreds of bicycles! City Hall, for example, is home to a double-decker bike shelter. This facility can fit a dozen bikes, and also features an air pump and tools for bike maintenance - the perfect parking place for your beloved bicycle during inclement weather. 

The Moscow Farmers Market provides a monetary incentive to patrons who choose to bike to Market through Bicycle Benefits

Public Transportation

SMART Transit offers free public transportation six days a week in Moscow. During the market season, stops to access Friendship Square and the downtown area are offered at: 2nd & Main Street, 6th & Main Street, and Main Street & Gritman Medical Center. For up-to-date information on public transportation, visit


Pets are not allowed in the main thoroughfare of the Market, which encompasses portions of Main Street and 5th Street within the Market boundary. "Pets" include emotional support, comfort, and therapy animals. City of Moscow staff will redirect pets and their owners to the sidewalks according to City Code (PDF)

If you have concerns or questions about an animal in the Market, we encourage you to seek out a City staff member. We kindly ask that patrons not take it upon themselves to enforce, question, or redirect other patrons with animals to the sidewalks. Individuals that require the use of an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) service animal are permitted in the main thoroughfare with their working service animal. As a reminder, ADA service animals are not required by law to wear special leashes, harnesses, identification tags, etc. You may see an animal in the main thoroughfare of the Market that looks like a pet, but is actually a working service animal.  

Due to the confusion between what may be a pet (including comfort animals, therapy animals, and/or emotional supports animal) or ADA service animal, City staff will approach all patrons with an animal in the main thoroughfare to determine if the animal is allowed in the main thoroughfare with their owner.


Stay hydrated while visiting the Market! There are two water bottle fill stations accessible to Market patrons and shoppers. One station is located in Friendship Square in front of the restaurant Bloom and includes a water bottle filler, water fountain, and pet bowl fountain. An additional water bottle fill station is at the public restroom in the South Jackson Street Parking Lot.


Public restrooms are available in the South Jackson Street Parking Lot, behind the playground located in Friendship Square. The Moscow Chamber of Commerce also has restrooms open to the public during Market hours. 


While most vendors accept credit cards as forms of payment, some vendors will only accept cash and/or personal checks. The following financial institutions have ATMs located near the Market:

  • Wells Fargo (Sterling Savings ATM network)
  • Latah Credit Union (inside the Moscow Food Co-op)
  • Umpqua Bank (Sterling Savings ATM network)