2020 Completed Construction Projects

Accessibility Assistance

If you need ADA accessible assistance or feel this or any other City of Moscow project is impacting your ability to access public services, please email the City of Moscow or call 208-883-7600.

2020 Projects: 

  • "A" Street Reconstruction  
    This project consisted of the total reconstruction of "A" Street between Peterson Drive and Home Street, including the complete reconstruction of the roadway, retaining walls, sidewalks, and replacement of underground utilities. It will also include the reconstruction of Line Street from "A" Street to the Pullman Highway and Circle Drive between "A" Street and C Street. Line Street was updated to have a free right turn onto "A" Street, and Circle Drive at "A" Street will be converted into a cul-de-sac, allowing "A" Street to be reconstructed as a through street with no stops. 

  • Almon Reconstruction
    This project consisted of the reconstruction of Almon Street between Third and A Street as well as First Street between Almon Street and Jackson Street. It included minor public improvements, curb/gutter, sidewalk, and total roadway surface reconstruction.

  • Itani Park North Pathway
    This project consisted of the construction of a 6-foot wide pedestrian pathway at Itani Park to provide pedestrian access from Itani Park to Crestview Drive.

  • Kiwanis Park Pathway
    This project consisted of the installation of an ADA-compliant crosswalk and pathway to connect Kiwanis Park and Hordemann Pond to the existing pathway East of the park. This provided a connected pathway from E Street on the West side of Kiwanis Park to Mountain View Park on the Northeast edge of Moscow.

  • North Couplet Beautification
    This project consisted of sidewalk improvements near the intersection of ’C’ and Main Street as well as enhanced pedestrian safety and improved ADA compliance. The installation of landscaping, lighting, and artwork will be part of the first phase of this project. The second phase will be installed at a later date and includes additional sidewalk improvements and the installation of street trees.

  • Rotary Park Equipment Pad (New Playground)
    This consisted of the installation of a new concrete pad, playground equipment, and rubberized playground tiles for fall protection padding. The project also included a pathway update to ensure ADA compliance along with access pathways at Jim Lyle Rotary Park

  • 2020 Sidewalk Program
    The intent of the City of Moscow Sidewalk Improvement Program is to replace damaged or deficient sidewalks and pedestrian curb ramps and generally improve pedestrian access throughout the community. In an effort to encourage property owners to replace deficient sidewalks adjacent to their property, one provision of the program allows property owners to request City assistance with estimating, contracting, and inspecting the work of replacing their sidewalks.

  • Well 10 Development - Phase II
    This project consisted of the development of Well #10 located on the western end of ’A’ Street. It included the installation of pump, controls, backup power generation, and all supporting systems and structures to start supply water from the City’s recently drilled Well 10. The project achieved State source supply redundancy requirements and helped correct current fire-flow system deficiencies.