2020 Construction Projects

Accessibility Assistance

If you need ADA accessible assistance or feel this or any other City of Moscow project is impacting your ability to access public services, please email the City of Moscow or call 208-883-7600.

2020 Projects: 

  • A Street Reconstruction  
    This project will include the total reconstruction of "A" Street between Peterson Drive and Home Street, including the complete reconstruction of the roadway, retaining walls, sidewalks, and replacement of underground utilities. It will also include the reconstruction of Line Street from "A" Street to the Pullman Highway and Circle Drive between "A" Street and C Street. Line Street will be updated to have a free right turn onto "A" Street, and Circle Drive at "A" Street will be converted into a cul-de-sac, allowing "A" Street to be reconstructed as a through street with no stops. The project will run from mid May until late Fall. Click here for more information