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Volunteering with the MVFD requires a significant commitment of time on the applicant’s part.  We are a proud and dedicated group of community members responding to more than 2800 medical and fire calls each year.  Members are required to participate in monthly meetings and trainings.   The work can be physically demanding and emotionally challenging.  It is often a thankless job with few tangible rewards and significant training and participation requirements.   

For all our members, the rewards of serving our community and helping those in need motivate us to volunteer.  Please consider the significant time commitment involved before submitting your application. 

We accept applications year round for positions as a volunteer EMT, Paramedic or Firefighter.  Please submit the following application to start the process to join our team! 

Moscow Volunteer Application


Interested in joining our EMS team, but don't have EMS certification?  Start by taking our next EMT Class!  Applications for our Fall 2023 EMT Class are due by Friday, August 25th; 

FALL 2023 EMT Class Application