Arts education is a key component of the Moscow Arts Commission’s service to the community. The MACtivities program, created in 2019, features activities that foster enthusiasm for the creative process as well as focused approaches to art elements and principles. Presented in a variety of settings and delivery methods, these lessons weave art-making strategies into the fabric of the community’s daily life.

MACtivities Toolbox

The MACtivites Toolbox was created during 2020 as a way to connect with community and creativity during a time of social distancing. The program, offered in partnership with the Prichard Art Gallery, provides art supply and curriculum toolboxes to community members free of charge. Lessons included are designed for three different age groups and provide space for creative inquiry while maintaining alignment with National Core Art Standards.

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Printable Materials

Toolbox #1- Art Outside!
Introduction, Techniques, and Colors
Printable Color Wheel
Lesson One for ages 5-7 years: Collect the Color Wheel
Lesson Two for ages 5-7 years: Leaf Lines
Lesson One for ages 8-12 years: Collect the Color Scheme
Lesson Two for ages 8-12 years: Shadow Shapes
Lesson One for ages 13 years and up: En Plein Air
Lesson Two for ages 13 years and up: Phenology Wheels

Toolbox #2- Puppets!
Lesson One for ages 5-7: "I Can't" Said the Ant
Lesson Two for ages 5-7: Imaginary Friend
Lesson One for ages 8-12: Museum
Lesson Two for ages 8-12: Open Mic
Lesson One for ages 13 years and up: Evil Characters
Lesson Two for ages 13 years and up: Comedy Show