Paradise Creek Flood Hazard Mitigation Study

The City of Moscow (City) was awarded a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to conduct a study to assess potential flood hazard mitigation actions on Paradise Creek (Project). The Project focuses on Paradise Creek flooding problems between Mountain View Park and Troy Road / State Highway 8 near the intersection with Styner and White Avenue. The planning process involves the following main activities: (a) preparing a high-resolution flood model for the Paradise Creek study area; (b) examining flooding problems and causes; (c) identifying ways to reduce flooding problems while also enhancing recreation and environmental resources; and (d) selecting a preferred overall flood hazard mitigation alternative for the study area.

The Project also involves preparing a preliminary design for the preferred flood hazard mitigation alternative and coordinating with FEMA about potential changes to the City’s official flood maps.

Additional Project information is provided at the following links:

Project Goals

Technical Advisory Committee

Project Scope of Work Summary

Several Paradise Creek flooding problem locations have been identified by the City. See the following maps for more detail:

Map of Problem Area 1

Map of Problem Area 2

Map of Problem Area 3

Map of Problem Area 4

Map of Problem Area 5

Map of Problem Area 6

Problem Area Overview Map

Map of Study Area

Study Steps:

  • Flood model development – Spring 2021
  • Develop flood hazard mitigation alternatives – Spring/Summer 2021
  • Alternatives analysis and evaluation – Fall 2021
  • Preferred alternative selection and preliminary design – Spring/Summer 2022