Paradise Creek Flood Hazard Mitigation TAC

The City has convened a multi-agency Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to provide information and help guide the development of flood hazard mitigation alternatives.

TAC objectives include:

  • Providing background information and input on known flooding problem locations within the Project Area.
  • Providing input on Project priorities, goals, and objectives.
  • Reviewing information about high priority drainage and flooding problems and potential mitigation approaches.
  • Reviewing and refining preliminary flood hazard mitigation alternatives and City-approved flood hazard alternative evaluation criteria.
  • Reviewing and commenting on: flood modeling results, flood hazard alternative evaluation results, the preliminary preferred mitigation alternative, and potential floodplain mapping changes.

Flood Images

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Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Membership

Non-City TAC Members            
Doug Jones Idaho Department of Water Resources Contact Me                 
Ryan Bender Idaho Office of Emergency Management Contact Me
Mike Neelon Latah County Disaster Services Contact Me
Nick Davids Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute Contact Me
Shane Slate U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Contact Me
City of Moscow TAC Members             
Art Bettge City Councilmember                                                       Contact Me                           
Bill Belknap Deputy City Supervisor
Mike Ray Planning Manager Contact Me
Scott Bontrager City Engineer Contact Me
Steve Schulte Streets Supervisor Contact Me
Kyle Steele Environmental Services Manager Contact Me
David Schott Deputy Parks & Recreation Director Contact Me