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    Metrics to Evaluate Continuation, Extension, or Termination of Public Health Emergency Order 20-03

    Related COVID-19 metrics adopted to evaluate the continuation, extension, or termination of Amended Public Health Emergency Order 20-03. Read on...
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    Moscow Arts Department Accepting Vinyl Wrap Designs

    The Moscow Arts Department is accepting design submissions for installation on vinyl-wrapped signal boxes through Feb. 26. Read on...
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    City of Moscow Moves to Dismiss Charges

    The City of Moscow Legal Department has asked the Court to dismiss misdemeanor charges issued on Sep. 23, 2020, to five individuals for violations of Amended Public Health Emergency Order 20-03 and resisting and obstructing justice. Read on...
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    Artists wanted for 2021 Moscow Farmers Market poster

    MOSCOW, Idaho—The City of Moscow Community Events Division and Farmers Market Commission invites artists to submit visual interpretations of the Moscow Farmers Market for the 2021 Moscow Farmers Market poster. Read on...
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    City of Moscow Services Update through January 29

    Due to the ongoing prevalence of COVID-19 cases in the area, the City of Moscow will continue to provide services through phone, email, or by appointment only, continuing the suspension of in-person service through Jan. 29. Read on...
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    Parks Winter Restroom Closures

    With winter and freezing temperatures right around the corner, the Moscow Parks and Recreation Department will begin winterizing many of our park restrooms. Read on...
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