Moscow City Council

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Regular Meeting


Laurie M. Hopkins

City Clerk



January 7, 2019

7:00 PM

Council Chambers

206 E. Third St.

The Moscow Mayor, City Council and Staff welcome you to tonight’s meeting. We appreciate and encourage public participation. For regular agenda items, an opportunity for public comment is sometimes provided after the staff report. However, the formality of procedures varies with the purpose and subject of the agenda item; therefore, the Mayor may exercise discretion in deciding when to allow public comment during the course of the proceedings and limitations may be placed on the time allowed for comments. Citizens wishing to comment on business that is not on the agenda will be provided the opportunity to do so during the public comment item on the agenda. If you plan to address the Council, you will find a list of “Tips for Addressing the Council” in the door pocket outside the City Council Chambers. Please note that Moscow City Council meetings are televised, videotaped and/or recorded.  Thank you for your interest in City government.


Pledge of Allegiance


Proclamation - Law Enforcement Appreciation Day


Council Organization and Commission Assignments - Kathryn Bonzo


Staff Recognition Report - Gary J. Riedner


Mayors Appointments (ACTION ITEM)


Public Comment and Mayor's Response Period (limit 15 minutes)


Appeal of Conditional Use Permit - Leah Carlson

On July 30, 2018, Lend Lease ProLand, LLC submitted an application for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for a proposed eighty foot (80’) tall Wireless Communication Facility with a stealth-style design intended to resemble a tree located at 1400 E 7th Street. The Board of Adjustment conducted a public hearing for the proposed use on November 13, 2018, and subsequently voted to deny the application based upon Criterion #2, the character of the proposed use not being in harmony with the neighborhood or surrounding land uses. On November 19, 2018, the Board of Adjustment conducted a public meeting to review and approve the Relevant Criteria and Standards which documented their decision. On November 27, 2018 the Community Development Department received an appeal letter from the applicant stating that they wished to appeal the Board of Adjustment’s decision to deny the CUP request to City Council. 

PROPOSED ACTIONS:  After considering the record and appeal request; sustain the decision of the Board in whole or in part; reverse the decision of the Board in whole or in part; or remand the matter in whole or in part to the Board with comments and/or instructions for further consideration by the Board; or take other such action deemed appropriate.  


First Amendment to Financial Services Agreement - Gary J. Riedner

In November 2016, the City contracted with Piper Jaffrey to provide financial advisor services with respect to issuance of a General Obligation Bond.  That contract was for a period of three (3) years, which expired on December 31, 2018. The contract was not renewed, because the City had not yet secured a site for the construction of a Police Facility, which was the major component of the General Obligation Bond. On December 20, 2018, the City entered into an Agreement to Purchase Real Property for the Police Facility, and staff has been directed to prepare for the bond election, to take place on May 21, 2019. In order to retain financial advisor services for the upcoming bond election, staff recommends approval of the attached agreement with Piper Jaffray.

PROPOSED ACTIONS:  Approve the attached Financial Services Agreement with Piper Jaffray, or take other action deemed appropriate.


2018 Salary Survey Report - Gary J. Riedner

The City of Moscow is committed to regularly reviewing employee salaries to ensure market competitiveness.  Previous surveys have been completed in 2006 and 2015 with the latest completed in 2018. Additionally, a cost of living analysis to determine the impact of the market on salaries and a review of benefits has also been compiled as part of the 2018 survey.

PROPOSED ACTIONS:  Accept report as presented or provide staff further direction.

NOTICE:  Moscow City Council and committee meetings are televised, videotaped and/or recorded.  Individuals attending the meeting who require special assistance to accommodate physical, hearing, or other impairments, please contact the City Clerk, at (208) 883-7015 or TDD 883-7019, as soon as possible so that arrangements may be made.