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Wendy McClure

Commission Chair


Mike Ray

Staff Liaison


January 9, 2019

7:00 PM

Council Chambers

206 E 3rd Street


Approval of Previous Minutes

ACTION: Approve minutes as presented, with amendments, or provide staff further direction.
  1. MINPZC20181212.pdf

Election of Officers [ACTION ITEM]

ACTION: Nominate and elect a Chair, Vice Chair, and Second Vice Chair for 2019.


ACTION: Read any correspondence received and provide staff further direction if necessary.

Transportation Commission Meeting Report

ACTION: Receive report and provide staff further direction if necessary.

Public Comment

Time limit 15 minutes. Members of the Public may speak to the Commission regarding matters NOT on the Agenda nor currently pending before the Planning and Zoning Commission. Please state your name and address for the record and limit your remarks to three minutes.


Review of 6-Month Stay Limitation for Recreational Vehicles [ACTION ITEM]

The Community Development Department received a letter from Mr. Gary Lester, requesting that the Commission review and potentially remove the 6-month stay limitation for Recreational Vehicles within the City.

ACTION:  Review the current 6-month limitation for Recreational Vehicles and provide Staff further direction as deemed necessary.


Updates to the Floodplain Ordinance [ACTION ITEM]

Recent changes to the National Flood Insurance Program have necessitated updates to be made to the City’s floodplain ordinance. Staff has been working with FEMA to identify which updates are required, which will be put into a draft ordinance.

ACTION:  Review the required updates to the City’s floodplain ordinance and provide Staff further direction as deemed necessary.


Subdivision Code Review [ACTION ITEM]

Staff has prepared a working draft of the updated subdivision code for the Commission’s review.

ACTION:  Review the subdivision code and lot division/lot line adjustment process and provide Staff further direction as deemed necessary.


Continuing Education

NOTICE:  Moscow City Council Commission meetings can be televised, videotaped and/or recorded.  Individuals attending the meeting who require special assistance to accommodate physical, hearing, or other impairments, please contact the City Clerk, at (208) 883-7015 or TDD 883-7019, as soon as possible so that arrangements may be made.