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The original item was published from 2/28/2022 8:04:47 AM to 3/27/2022 12:05:01 PM.

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Police Daily Activity Log

Posted on: February 27, 2022

[ARCHIVED] MPD Press Log 02/27/2022

22-M01702 Welfare Check

Incident Address: 2300 blk WHITE AVE


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 04:14

Cad Comments:

RP was trying to leave the PL. A couple are parked in their car and blocking it,

they refused to leave so RP had to back up. Officers responded. No report.


22-M01703 Welfare Check

Incident Address: 300 blk N ALMON ST


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 06:44

Cad Comments:

RP is in CDA and the father of her children was supposed to be on the way to

pick up the kids but now he isn't answering his phone. Subject was located. No Report.


22-M01704 Theft Other

Incident Address: S MAIN ST; ONE WORLD CAFE


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 07:53

Cad Comments:

RPs bike was locked to the bike rack outside of the business. last seen

yesterday afternoon. Officer responded. Report taken.


22-M01706 Welfare Check

Incident Address: 100 blk W MORTON ST



Time Reported: 09:00

Cad Comments:

Officers and EMS respond. No Report. No Transport.

Caller Statement: Man fell out of his wheelchair in front of her residence.


22-M01707 Suspicious Person/Circumstance

Incident Address: 1000 blk PARADISE CREEK ST


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 09:13

Cad Comments:

Officer requested a case. Officer contacted owner by phone. No Report.

Owner will call back if something is missing. She is out of town.


22-M01711 Domestic Dispute

Incident Address: W PULLMAN RD; OLD NAVY


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 13:38

Cad Comments:

Husband followed them in a vehicle. Struck the car as he was leaving. Officers

contacted parties involved. No Report.


22-M01712 Noise Complaint

Incident Address: 1600 blk S MAIN ST


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 13:54

Cad Comments:

RP reporting noise coming from a van outside. Even when the male isn’t in the van

he runs the music. Ongoing problem. Officer responded. No Report.


22-M01713 Vehicle Prowl

Incident Address: 300 blk S ASBURY ST


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 15:38

Cad Comments:

Occurred Friday. Vehicle broken into. Vehicle was locked, damage from a tool

used to gain entry. Officer responded. Report Taken.


22-M01718 Disorderly Conduct

Incident Address: PARADISE CREEK ST; The Grid


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 19:58

Cad Comments:

Employee reporting sexual harassment and suspect is on scene. RP afraid it will

escalate. Officers responded, no report.


22-M01719 Accident Hit & Run

Incident Address: W 3RD ST; VARSITY DINER


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 20:03

Cad Comments:

White Dodge 1500, went through the intersection and hit a light pole and took off

down an alleyway. LSH towards the alehouse area. Report taken.


22-M01720 Traffic Hazard

Incident Address: E 6TH ST & S WASHINGTON ST


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 20:14

Cad Comments:

Lights completely off, people are driving through, some slowing down. Officers

aware. No report.


22-M01722 Trespassing Complaint

Incident Address: W PULLMAN RD; Best Western


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 20:52

Cad Comments:

Trespassed male is currently in the building. Hasn't yet been talked to, was

told by boss to call in as soon as she saw him. No report.


22-M01723 Other Law Enforcement Calls

Incident Address: 200 blk LAUDER AVE


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 20:58

Cad Comments:

RP said he has a dumpster that is private property and neighbors have been using

it. No report.


22-M01724 Suspicious Person/Circumstance

Incident Address: N MAIN ST; WALGREENS


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 21:03

Cad Comments:

Subject ran across parking lot and forced the doors open and went inside. RP

believes it was a male. No report.


22-M01725 Unattended Death

Incident Address: 200 blk BAKER ST


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 21:35

Cad Comments:

Requesting check on daughter. Normally talks to mom every Sunday. Other daughter

has been trying to get in touch with her for a couple days. They used GPS online

and triggered an alarm and it says it's at home and fully charged. Officers

responded. Report taken.


22-M01726 Suicidal Person

Incident Address: MOSCOW


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 23:29

Cad Comments:

Officers responded. No report.

RP is concerned that his wife is going to kill herself. She told the rp to tell

the kids that she loves them after getting in a fight with the rp.  

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