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The original item was published from 11/19/2018 8:04:00 AM to 12/17/2018 12:05:00 PM.

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Police Daily Activity Log

Posted on: November 17, 2018

[ARCHIVED] MPD Press Log 11/17/2018

18-M10577 Burglary

Incident Address: 500 blk S POLK ST


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 01:43

Cad Comments:

Officers responded. No report.

Someone trying to get into house.

18-M10578 Disorderly Conduct

Incident Address: S JEFFERSON ST; Outside Next Door


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 02:19

Cad Comments:

Officers responded. No report.

RP reporting a subject outside yelling, glass breaking and cursing.

18-M10581 Civil Calls

Incident Address: 400 blk E 8TH ST


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 09:04

Cad Comments:

RP advising a male took his friend's vehicle about 5 ago. States subject showed

up out of nowhere, jumped in the car and drove away. Officer responded. Report


18-M10582 Animal Problem/Complaint

Incident Address: S BLAINE ST; Eastside Market Place


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 09:00

Cad Comments:

Right where the trail meets blaine st Rp saw two men walking two dogs with no

leashes. Rp stopped and asked them why they didn't have dogs on leashes and they

said, "We like to break the law". Rp was upset by this and thinks they at least

should be talked to. Officer responded and checked area. UTL. No report.

18-M10583 Custodial Interference

Incident Address: 600 blk E 1ST ST


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 09:18

Cad Comments:

RP states that the child is with the mother and supposed to be given to the RP

in Lewiston now. RP states the mother and child are still in Moscow and are not

going to come down. Court order is in place. RP states this is the second time

in 3 visits the mother has cancelled the visit. Officer responded. No report.

18-M10585 Vehicle Prowl

Incident Address: 800 blk NYLAROL ST


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 11:39

Cad Comments:

RP advising his vehicle was broken into sometime last night. Has photos from

camera. Officer responded. Report taken.

18-M10586 Vehicle Prowl

Incident Address: 1500 blk PINE CONE RD


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 11:49

Cad Comments:

RP states his vehicle was broken into between yesterday and this morning.

Laptop and a bag was taken. RP states they opened the unlocked door. Parked in

RP driveway. No damage noticed. Officer responded. Report taken.

18-M10587 Stray Animals

Incident Address: Main St


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 13:46

Cad Comments:

2 labs found running down middle of main st. Rp transferred them to the shelter

off White Ave, but the humane society is closed. Officer advised. No report.

18-M10589 Illegal Burning

Incident Address: 400 blk N GARFIELD ST



Time Reported: 16:02

Cad Comments:

Officer advising of an illegal burn. Moscow Fire responded. No report.

18-M10591 Suspicious Person/Circumstance

Incident Address: W 3RD ST & S JACKSON ST


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 19:35

Cad Comments:

RP says that he is heading west on 3rd st. Person is being loud and screaming.

Officer responded, No Report.

18-M10592 Vicious Animal Complaint

Incident Address: W A ST & Cherry St


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 19:56

Cad Comments:

Loose dog on A near Cherry st. Right outside "forever friends". RP states its a

rabbid vicious. Officers responded, report taken.

18-M10593 Domestic Dispute

Incident Address: 1400 blk N POLK ST EXT


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 21:01

Cad Comments:

Rp heard a female yell "what did you just fucking do to me" Officers responded,

No report.

18-M10594 Noise Complaint

Incident Address: 700 blk BRENT DR


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 21:31

Cad Comments:

Loud music playing at downstairs neighbor's. Heavy bass with thumping. Has been

going on for about 1 hour. Has talked to neighbor's before about issue and they

have not been very receptive. Officers responded, RP called back prior to

arrival and advised the noise had stopped. No report.

18-M10595 Animal Noise Complaint

Incident Address: 500 blk NORTHWOOD DR


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 22:42

Cad Comments:

RP says that there is a dog outside barking and crying. He tried to contact the

neighbors but thinks they aren't home. In a fenced yard, in the back. Officer

responded, no report.

18-M10596 Traffic Violation

Incident Address: 6000 SR 270; SR 270 MP 6; EB


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 23:45

Cad Comments:

Blue PT Cruiser, driving slowly in the left lane, erratic speeds making traffic

pass on the right lane. Speeds are erratic, 45 mph then speeding up blocking

vehicles in from passing. Officers responded, no report.

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