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The original item was published from 12/27/2018 7:26:33 AM to 1/26/2019 12:05:02 PM.

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Police Daily Activity Log

Posted on: December 26, 2018

[ARCHIVED] MPD Press Log 12/26/2018

18-M11660 Civil Calls

Incident Address: 500 blk S ASBURY ST


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 09:22

Cad Comments:

Officer responded. No report.

RP advsg somebody is trying to get their property from this loc, and the

18-M11661 Civil Calls

Incident Address: 300 blk S POLK ST


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 09:43

Cad Comments:

Officers advised. No report.

RP advising a male on a scooter was riding through her yard. RP can't see him on

her property anymore, but believes he's still in the area. States he's ruined

her trees/yard in the past with his scooter before.

18-M11663 Disorderly Conduct

Incident Address: S JEFFERSON ST; Public Library


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 12:54

Cad Comments:

Officers responded. No report.

Male refusing to leave, arguing with staff. Not violent.

18-M11664 Fire

Incident Address: W PULLMAN RD; Inland Cellular



Time Reported: 12:58

Cad Comments:

Moscow Fire and Police responded. Report taken.

18-M11665 Welfare Check

Incident Address: W PULLMAN RD; Staples


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 13:23

Cad Comments:

Officer responded. Subject was fine. No report.

Male was laying on the ground on his back, has since gotten up and is standing

outside Staples. RP says a passerby helped him up and are standing around him


18-M11666 Threatening

Incident Address: S BLAINE ST; Wells Fargo


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 13:51

Cad Comments:

Officer responded. No report.

Store manager wanting to report a customer that was disorderly and threatening

an employee - happened around 1100 today. States customer has a hx of unruly

behavior. Manager would like subject trespassed.

18-M11667 Welfare Check

Incident Address: 1100 blk E 3RD ST


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 15:34

Cad Comments:

RP requesting welfare check on daughter. Hasn't spoken with her for a week. No

other concerns - subject not showing signs of being suicidal. Officers

responded, female is ok. No Report.

18-M11668 Accident Hit & Run

Incident Address: S MAIN ST; La Casa Lopez


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 17:49

Cad Comments:

Reporting a hit and run in the front parking on the street in front of La Casa

Lopez. One of the servers got the vehicle information. Saw the car gunned it a

bit too much or couldn't stop possibly due to snow and then took off. Officer

responded. No Report.

18-M11669 Harassment

Incident Address: 300 blk STYNER AVE


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 17:41

Cad Comments:

RP said that her childs husband has been harrassing her with texts and calls. He

threatened to put an amber alert out on their son.

18-M11671 Threatening

Incident Address: 600 blk S WASHINGTON ST


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 19:22

Cad Comments:

Rp advised that she is being threatened by someone she met online. Officer

contacted the RP. Report taken.

18-M11672 Non-Injury Traffic Accident

Incident Address: 400 blk SPOTSWOOD ST


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 20:14

Cad Comments:

Officers responded, no report.

Vehicle hit one and appeared to try and leave. Owner of the victim vehicle came

out, and suspect vehicle is no longer trying to leave.

18-M11673 Simple Battery

Incident Address: 1000 blk S MAIN ST


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 21:48

Cad Comments:

3rd party report of a battery. Officers responded, report taken.

RP called as a 3rd party reporter letting me know that someone had been punched.

18-M11676 Suicidal Person

Incident Address: 200 blk LAUDER AVE


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 23:45

Cad Comments:

RP's friend posted a suicidal statement on facebook. Officers responded,

subject contacted and the Rp advised. No report.

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