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The original item was published from 7/24/2019 7:31:52 AM to 7/25/2019 7:57:04 AM.

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Police Daily Activity Log

Posted on: July 24, 2019

[ARCHIVED] MPD Press Log 07/24/2019

19-M06586 Suspicious Person/Circumstance

Incident Address: W 3RD ST; Sudzees


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 00:07

Cad Comments:

Officer responded, No report

RP advising male in vehicle, seems to be sleeping with door open. Seen 5-10 ago.


19-M06587 Noise Complaint

Incident Address: 1400 blk HAWTHORNE DR


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 01:08

Cad Comments:

Officer responded and warned occupant for noise. No report

Rp says they hear loud fighting screaming when she was outside, stopped now.


19-M06588 Attempt to Locate

Incident Address: W PALOUSE RIVER DR


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 01:30

Cad Comments:

Officer responded, ATL issued

RP said separated husband was threatening suicide. RP said husband lives in

Montana, and is driving from there (possibly to her house).


19-M06589 Suspicious Person/Circumstance

Incident Address: 200 blk BAKER ST


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 01:52

Cad Comments:

Officers responded, no report.

RP just saw someone hop up on her balcony, and opened her screen door. They ran

away when the RP saw them.

Hoodie with 


19-M06590 Traffic Hazard

Incident Address: W 6TH ST; Nectar


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 02:53

Cad Comments:

Officer responded, No report

Tree down, partially in road. Rp moved it as best he could.


19-M06591 Suspicious Person/Circumstance

Incident Address: E D ST & N POLK ST


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 04:10

Cad Comments:

Officer responded, No report

Rp advising there was a vehicle, stopped, headlights on, unknown if occupied.

White Dodge 


19-M06592 Vagrancy

Incident Address: WARBONNET DR; Shari’s Restaurant


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 05:51

Cad Comments:

Rp is the manager, got a call from an employee on scene stating there is a

vehicle that is plugged in to the power of the building and they think the

subject is stealing their electricity. Rp just arrived and found the truck - has

a canopy. Unknown if it's occupied. Officer responded, no report.


19-M06593 Noise Complaint

Incident Address: 900 blk N JEFFERSON ST


Disposition: ACT

Time Reported: 06:41

Cad Comments:

RP reporting construction noise behind her house. They are pouring concrete

right behind her fence and her son's bedroom is right there. Noise keeping him

from sleep. Officer responded, no report.

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