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Utility Bill Improvements

Many thanks to our citizens who shared feedback on the new utility bill format used last month.  We appreciate the feedback and have made some changes as a result!

First, we’ve updated the “Current Charges” section on the front of the bill to better reflect the different services.  See the reverse of this newsletter insert for an explanation of each of those charges. 

On the back of the bill under “Volume-Based Water Billing,” we’ve corrected and improved the information on cubic feet cost.  We’ve also included a comparison of cubic feet to gallons.  Cubic feet is the measure by which our existing system measures volume given the limitations of our measuring equipment, including water meters. 

Finally, a clarification was added to the Sanitation Services section on the back of the bill.  We’ve added details on recycling service to note that while sanitation service is mandatory for all residential customers, recycling is not.  

If there’s something that we can better explain, please let us know. For more information, please contact the Moscow Finance Department which manages utility bills for water, sewer, and garbage at 208-883-7043.

New Website Feedback

On January 18, we debuted our new website for the City of Moscow.  The new site includes better compatibility with all type of devices, provides for subscriptions to a variety of notifications, includes an enhanced search feature and much more.  If you have feedback on our new site, please call 208-883-7123 or visit the new website to submit a “Citizen Request” by clicking the button at the bottom of the new page.  We look forward to hearing your feedback and making additional improvements to the new site!

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Where do my utility fees go?

The following is an explanation of the fees charged under the “Current Charges” section of your utility bill.  These categories are used for both residential and commercial accounts for billing purposes:

Water Base Rate

The base rate assists in covering the recurring operating costs of the public water system including routine maintenance, replacement of aging facilities, and the work required to remain in compliance with State and Federal regulations such as the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Water Consumption

This is a fee which varies based on the amount of water used. For residential customers, the tiered rate structure includes higher per gallon costs for larger amounts of consumption.  Commercial and Multifamily rates remain the same per gallon consumed.  Money collected through this fee pays for treating and delivering water, as well as for the maintenance, repair, and renovation of the water system components related to customer demand.

Sewer Rate

This fee is a fixed rate for residential and hotel customers.  Schools, churches, and all other commercial customer fees vary based on water consumption and use type.  The fees collected pay for recurring operating costs of the public sewer conveyance system, such as routine maintenance, as well as renovation of the conveyance system.  The fees also pay for the operation, maintenance, and renovation of the Water Reclamation and Reuse Facility.

Garbage & Recycling Rate

This line item shows the customers self-selected garbage service, such as “35 Gallon Roll Cart.” Fees include a flat rate for garbage and recycling pickup and landfill charges. All residential customers are required to participate in the City of Moscow sanitation service provided by Latah Sanitation, Inc., but are not required to have a roll cart for recycling service. 

Residential Street Light

This is a fee to pay for the cost of street lights in residential areas. Your home receives a benefit from the increased illumination and safety, although you may not have a street light directly in front of your home.

Why blue and orange for the water bill? 
Sadly, we have no choice on the color scheme, 
we’ll keep asking for a change though!

New! Commercial Single-Stream Recycling Service

Participation in the new Commercial Single-Stream Recycling Service is easy and may result in the downsizing of current solid-waste service needs and costs.   Simply place all acceptable recycling materials into the designated green roll cart and wheel it to the curb or edge of alley on collection day. 

Base service includes one 65 gallon or one 95 gallon recycling roll cart. Participants requiring additional roll carts can order multiple carts at the cost of $4.90 per additional cart, per month. Carry out service is also available for an additional charge. The single-stream curbside recycling service is designed to make recycling at businesses convenient and easy while reducing waste going to the landfill. 

Questions? Call the Moscow Sanitation Division at 208-883-7131.

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