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Michael D. Mastro of Moscow, Idaho Arrested

April 18, 2018 (Moscow, Idaho) -- 

In the early morning hours of April 18, 2018, Michael D. Mastro, 26 of Moscow, Idaho was arrested by the Moscow Police Department (MPD) for the “Use of Telephone to Annoy, Terrify, Threaten, Intimidate, Harass or Offend,” a misdemeanor under Idaho Code 18-6710.  Mastro reportedly contacted a debt collection agency on behalf of a friend regarding that friend’s account.  During Mastro’s discussion he made threats to the company representative, including a reference to Mastro’s previous threats made on a YouTube social media account for which resulted in March 29, 2018 charge of “Threatening Violence Against Schools,” a violation of Idaho Code 18-3302I. 

On April 11, 2018, Mastro was arraigned for the March 29, 2018 citation, at which time 2nd District Magistrate Judge John Judge imposed the following conditions that Mastro was to:
  • Not violate any laws;
  • Not threaten anyone;
  • Stay in contact with [his] attorney;
  • Appear for all Court proceedings;
  • Not purchase or possess any firearms or weapons (added by the Judge off the record).
In light of these conditions and the nature of the threats made, Mastro’s threatening actions of April 17, 2018 led MPD to request a warrant for his arrest, which was granted in the early morning hours of April 18, 2018.  

Mastro had his initial appearance on April 18, 2018, 9 a.m. in Idaho’s Second District Court, Magistrate Judge John Judge presiding.  Given Mastro’s recent actions, several conditions were imposed, the most noteworthy was that he is not to be released from custody until he obtains a mental health evaluation and the Court receives the evaluation and reassesses whether additional conditions or restrictions should be imposed.  At the initial appearance, Judge Judge also imposed the following conditions that Mastro is to:
  • Check in with a Latah County adult misdemeanor probation daily before  9:00 a.m., if Mastro has posted bail, completed the mental health evaluation as noted above, and deemed appropriate for release from the Court;
  • Not violate any laws;
  • Not threaten anyone;
  • Not possess or consume any alcohol;
  • Not possess or consume controlled substances;
  • Not purchase, possess or touch any firearms, weapons or ammunition;
  • Appear at all court proceedings.
Mastro is scheduled to appear at a pre-trial conference on April 24, 2018.  Given the nature of the offense, should he plead or be found guilty of the misdemeanor charge telephone harassment charge, Idaho law provide that, “upon a second or subsequent conviction (for the same offense), the defendant shall be guilty of a felony and shall be sentenced to a term of not to exceed five (5) years in the state penitentiary.”

Police Chief James Fry said, “As MPD has continued to monitor this situation.  The call received April 17, 2018 reporting Mastro’s phone harassment, in addition to his actions several weeks ago, required further involvement by law enforcement.  Specifically, when Mastro threatened the collection agency representative, it was a direct violation of the conditions imposed by the Judge earlier this month.  In light of those circumstances, Judge Judge authorized a warrant for his arrest and imposed a much higher bond. Moscow appreciates the partnerships we have with Latah County, the Moscow School District and the community for their assistance and understanding as we have continued to investigate this case.”

MPD officers are continuing to provide extra patrols in school zones related to Mastro’s actions in late March. 


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