Moscow Sister City Association Newsletter

July 1, 2019

This newsletter was sent via the City of Moscow on behalf of the Moscow Sister City Association. This newsletter was written by Moscow Sister City Association authors and may not necessarily reflect the views of the City of Moscow.
In this issue:   
  1. Correspondence partners
  2. Current and future scholarship students
  3. MSCA history in photos: 1992
  4. Local events in Villa El Carmen         
  5. Current events in Nicaragua   

1. "Pen Pals"

Fifteen people from Villa El  Carmen responded to a query whether they wanted to develop a correspondence relationship with someone from the Moscow area. Those responding included all ten of the current and recent scholarship recipients. And from Moscow, about twenty people replied, including students both high school and university, and MSCA members of various ages. We’ve tried to account for individual preferences: age and gender, English or Spanish or both, life experiences, and such. So far we’ve paired eleven sets, with three more close to completion: that’s twenty-eight individuals trying to make connections in the spirit of Sister Cities International’s slogan:  To promote peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation – one individual, one community at a time

2. Current and future scholarship students. 

With the recent graduations of five of our scholarship students, five remain: Geilin Castro (English), Laura Gutiérrez (Medicine), José Isaac Dávila (Physics), Jacziri Flores Rodriguez (Finance), and Vielka Aguilar (English). Funds for them have been sent to our liaisons in Villa El Carmen, Ana Julia Castillo and Mario Mendoza. 

Geilin with sewing machine

Geilin with sewing machine; Vielka in her back yard; Laura with photos; José Isaac with lemons; Jacziri with family pig

Vielka in her back yard
Laura with photos
José Isaac with lemons
Jacziri with family pig

We are hoping to award more scholarships in the fall, and the board of directors has set aside $4,000 for this purpose. We have to wait, in initiating this process, until the local Ministry of Education selects a new superintendent, which I’m told will happen in early July.    

3. MSCA history in photos. 

For old-timers. On the left is Mardi Baron, who in the 1980s as a Moscow City Council member was instrumental, with Mary Voxman, in establishing Moscow Sister City. With her in the middle is Inocente Castro, the mayor of Villa El Carmen, who was visiting in 1992. Next to him is Begoña García, from Spain, who with her husband Enrique Díaz Martínez studied at the University of Idaho for several years and greatly contributed to the activities of MSCA. The photo on the right also includes Begoña and Arturo, in the middle; on Begoña’s right is Arturo Bogorje, another official from Villa El Carmen. On Inocente’s left is – can you tell? – Dale Graden. [The photos are from Enrique.]

Mardi Baron, Inocente Castro, and Begoña García
Begoña García, Dale Graden, Arturo Bogorje, and Inocente Castro

4. Events in Villa El Carmen. 

July is a month of celebrations, but there have been several already this year. You can get some information on our Facebook page: Moscow Sister City Association. Several posts there originated in another Facebook page titled Turismo Villa El Carmen. These photos are from a recent dance festival.

Photo from a dance festival in Nicaragua
Photo from a dance festival in Nicaragua
Photo from a dance festival in Nicaragua

5. Current events in Nicaragua. 

The negotiations between the Ortega/Murillo government and opposition leaders that began in March have stalled, but the opposition group, the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy, continues to be active in pushing for governmental reforms. The Ortega/Murillo government is showing resistance, but pressures from various sources have influenced the government at least to release (into house arrest, in most cases) most of the c. 760 political prisoners arrested during the past year. Pressure for governmental reform and justice for killed and injured citizens is being applied by the Organization of American States, the United Nations, the European Union, and various human-rights organizations, notably Amnesty International, and protest groups inside and outside of the country, plus recent sanctions against Nicaraguan government officials by Canada and the United States

Newsletter by Dave Barber, President MSCA, with photographic help from Enrique Díaz Martínez and the Moscow Sister City Association Facebook page

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