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Health Advisory - Algal Bloom in Hordemann Pond 


September 9, 2019 (Moscow, Idaho) —  A health advisory has been issued for Hordemann Pond, located in Kiwanis Park at 2027 E Street, by the Public Health – Idaho North Central District, the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, and the City of Moscow.  Water samples taken from Hordemann Pond confirmed the presence of the blue-green algae species of Microsysti and Dolichospermum at levels that exceed the recreational water quality threshold.  These species of algae can produce potentially dangerous toxins.  Please take precaution when visiting Kiwanis Park. 

The public is advised to avoid any activity, including fishing, that could lead to ingesting the pond water.  Children and pets are particularly susceptible.  The following are the most common routes of exposures to cyanobacteria and their toxins during recreational activities:
  • Oral from accidental or deliberate ingestion of contaminated water.
  • Dermal by direct contact of exposed body parts with water containing cyanobacteria cells.
  • Inhalation through the aspiration of water containing cyanobacteria and their toxins.
Acute health effects in humans may include abdominal pain, headache, sore throat, vomiting and nausea, dry cough, diarrhea, blistering around the mouth, and pneumonia.

This bloom requires added precaution because it is applicable to open water in the lake where the water is an uncharacteristic green color and where unsightly thick green mats are present along shorelines.

Blue-green algae are naturally occurring microscopic bacteria.  Many species occur in Idaho surface waters and only some species release toxins under certain conditions.  Harmful algal blooms occur in water conditions of optimal temperature, oxygen, and when nitrogen is unavailable and phosphorus is abundant.  These circumstances are most common during warmer months of late summer.

The public will be updated when the concern no longer exists.
For more information, please contact David Schott, Assistant Parks and Recreation Director, at or (208) 883-7098.

Story Contact: David Schott, Assistant Parks and Recreation Director
Phone: 208-883-7098

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