What are the plowing procedures (when and where do we plow and with how much snow?)

Our snow removal work typically begins before the flakes start to fall. When there is a weather event forecast we will usually begin anti-icing operations using magnesium-chloride and rock salt. Snow accumulation of two inches or more will trigger our snow removal operation. We have three road graders equipped with snow gates, seven trucks with plows (four of which have spreaders), two one-ton trucks with spreaders, and two berm removal pieces of equipment. The City is divided into four areas. Initially, the graders will go downtown and start removal there while the trucks go to their assigned areas to open routes on all of the through streets, and spread traction-enhancing de-icing materials on hills and high volume intersections. After assisting downtown with de-icing, the one-ton trucks start on their cul-de-sac routes. Berm removal begins as soon as the graders have completed the downtown work. The graders then move into the areas to finish a final push-back as needed. Streets Division policy is to try to use the snow gates on the graders to attempt to minimize the accumulation of berms across residential driveways. This is a time consuming, and difficult process with over 5,000 driveways, but we do our best. After the streets are all plowed we move in to complete the alleys if the snow accumulation is sufficient.

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10. What are the plowing procedures (when and where do we plow and with how much snow?)
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