What can I do?

The  easiest way to solve the grease problem is to keep FOG out of the sewer  system in the first place. Follow the easy disposal tips listed below: 

  • Never pour grease, fats, or oil down the drain or garbage disposal.
  • Pour FOG into jars, cans, and plastic tubs (Careful, the liquid may be hot!) or "Fat Trapper" container. Let contents cool and solidify. When the container is full, throw away with your trash.
  • Used cooking oil can be taken to the Moscow Recycling Center in sealed containers no larger than 5 gallons.
  • For greasy pans, pour off the grease into a container mentioned above, and  use a paper towel to wipe out the remaining grease in the pan prior to  washing.
  • Scrape as much of food scraps and residue as possible  from plates and cooking utensils into the garbage. A silicon scraper or  spatula works great!

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