What should I do if my car is stopped by a police officer?
  • If you are driving a motor vehicle and an officer signals you to stop, you must pull over. That’s the law.
  • Please stay in your car. If it’s dark, turn on the interior light. Do not  leave your car unless directed to do so by the officer. Relax, don’t  make any sudden movements or reach for items inside the vehicle which  could be construed by an officer as a potential threat to his/her  safety.
  • Please keep your hands on the steering wheel.  Wait for the officer to approach your vehicle. The officer will begin by identifying him/herself and will tell you they work for the Moscow  Police Department. Next the officer should explain to you why you were  stopped and ask you to explain your behavior regarding the violation for which you were stopped. The officer will then ask you for your driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of liability insurance. If you  don’t have your license with you, verbal identification will be  requested. Please provide the officer with the requested information.
  • Moving traffic violations are the most common reason for stopping a vehicle.  However, you may also have been stopped for a registration or equipment  violation. A criminal investigation may be another reason for being  stopped.
  • At some point during the stop, the officer may ask you and any passengers to step from the car for a variety of  reasons. Please follow the instructions the officer gives you.
  • The officer's actions during a traffic stop are guided by the fact that  police officers are assaulted and killed each year during traffic stops. Our goal is to protect you, the motorist, and to ensure our own safety. We feel that it is important for you to know that most of the Moscow  Police Department’s traffic stops are video/audio recorded.

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