Corridor Components

The selection of Plan C for the corridor will include the removal of parking along portions of the Corridor.  As the existing parking areas are not marked for individual stalls, the quantity of parking removed is only an estimate, but it is anticipated that approximately 120 parking spaces will be removed.  

In June 2016, the City Council adopted the 2016 Bike Routes and Facilities Plan. This was the culmination of several years of work by staff, the Transportation Commission, and the MMTP consultant to develop a new on-street bicycle network for the City of Moscow. The Plan includes the installation of new facilities on Third Street between Washington Street and Mountain View Road. Plan C includes Separated Two Way Bike Lanes along the north side of Third Street from either Washington Street or Jefferson Street to Mountain View Road.

Most intersections along the corridor have stop control on the side street approaches. All of the proposed Plans developed by the Transportation Commission and considered by the City Council included the implementation of four way stop control at the Hayes Street and Blaine Street intersections with Third Street.
Historically the Lena Whitmore School Zone boundary on Blaine Street was located just north of the Third Street intersection and the School Zone did not include any of Third Street. The School Zone was expanded in 2012 to start on Blaine Street south of Third Street and includes a portion of Third Street. The Moscow School District provides crossing guards at the intersection of Blaine Street and Third Street.
The existing School Zone location was considered during the Corridor Assessment, and no changes to the School Zone or the crossing guard program are proposed.  Time activated Warning Lights will be installed on the School Zone Signage along Third Street to raise awareness of drivers that they are entering a school zone with a reduced speed limit.

A review of the current sidewalk system completeness and condition was performed as part of the Corridor Assessment. The completion of the system on both sides of Third Street was included as a component of all Plans developed.  This will consist of approximately 1,200 feet of new or replacement sidewalks, primarily along the eastern portion of the Corridor.  In addition, raised pedestrian crosswalks across Third Street will be installed in three high pedestrian use locations throughout the Corridor.

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