Why implement roll carts and automated collection in Moscow?

The City of Moscow has researched the benefits, municipal waste collection best practices and feasibility of a roll cart based system to satisfy a goal of the 2011 Sanitation Strategic Plan endorsed by the Sustainable Environment Commission and adopted by City Council. The City is always working to find ways to improve collection services, efficiency and manage costs. The roll carts have hinged attached lids, convenient handle, wheels for ease of maneuverability and a long life expectancy. Many lids, from garbage cans used in the past, were missing or had long since blown away. 

Moscow receives over 27 inches of precipitation annually. This adds hundreds of unnecessary and preventable tons of water weight each year, to the waste stream and storm water system. This adds thousands of dollars each year to disposal costs. One garbage can, with a missing lid, can contribute over 300 pounds per year in preventable water weight to the waste stream. The roll carts enhance neighborhood health, safety, cleanliness and aesthetics.

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2. Why implement roll carts and automated collection in Moscow?
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