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1. Why does my water smell?
2. Why is my water yellow?
3. Where is my meter located?
4. My water bill is high compared to last month and we have not done anything different. Where did the water go?
5. What do I do if I have a water emergency after hours?
6. I have dirty water. What should I do?
7. How do I read my meter?
8. Do Irrigation Systems in Moscow Require Backflow Protection and Annual Testing?
9. When can I water my yard?
10. Where does my water come from?
11. Why should I conserve water?
12. How can I conserve?
13. Is the Water Reclamation & Reuse Facility (WRRF) what smells in Moscow?
14. Where does the water go?
15. What happens to the solid material?
16. Where are you located?
17. How long does it take to treat the wastewater?
18. Do you use a lot of chemicals to treat the wastewater?
19. How many people work at the Water Reclamation & Reuse Facility?
20. How many gallons of wastewater do you treat?
21. How does rain affect the wastewater treatment plant?
22. What type of education do you need to work here?
23. How many "bugs" does the Aeration Basin have?
24. What do the "bugs" eat?
25. Where do the "bugs" come from?
26. How do the microorganisms reproduce?
27. What "bugs" do you look for?
28. Is it acceptable to put grease, egg shells, and coffee grounds in my garbage disposal?