EMS Services

The Ambulance Company functions as the medical branch of the Moscow Volunteer Fire Department. This Company is comprised of approximately 40 volunteer EMT's who respond to an average of 1250 medical calls a year. The members of the ambulance company are as varied and unique as the community which they serve.

Whether it is getting up at 2 a.m. for an overdose of drugs and alcohol, or leaving their job at the university to assist an elderly patient with chest pain, the members of the Moscow Volunteer Emergency Ambulance Company provide a compassionate, cost-effective service. Between 500 and 600 hours are donatated every month by the volunteers of the ambulance company as they drop what they are doing at a moment's notice in order to help a neighbor in need.

In addition to responding to EMS calls the volunteer EMT's are required to maintain their skills through continuing education and practice scenario situations. In order to become an EMT Basic a person must have 110 hours of EMS training, be in good physical condition, and pass both the written and practical portions of the National EMT-Basic Exam.

EMT Basics can continue their certification level to the Advanced level by taking an additional 60 hours of training in intravenous fluid administration and advanced airway techniques. EMT Paramedics receive over 1000 hours of training, clinical, and internship experience before being able to take the National EMT-Paramedic Exam.

The Moscow Volunteer Emergency Ambulance Company is licensed at the Advanced Life Support level which requires Paramedics. We are currently the only ALS licensed volunteer ambulance company in the state of Idaho.

Contact Us

  • Emergency
    Call 911
  • Non-Emergency
    Voice: 208.882.2831
    Fax: 208.882.5746

We are located at:

Fire Station 1
603 S. main Street

Fire Station 2
1300 White Avenue

Fire Station 3
229 Pintail Lane
Moscow, Idaho 83843